Our Mission

The Portola Springs PTA supports local, state and national PTA efforts to improve the education of children and the lives of families at school and within the community.  PTA Membership provides the opportunity for individuals' voices to be heard along with others throughout the state and nation to protect children’s rights. Your membership allows you to vote on important PTA initiatives that shape and guide your PTA throughout the school year. Our PTA will continue to provide important IUSD, IPSF, and City of Irvine information to our members, and we will ensure that our members are aware of upcoming opportunities, events, and activities. Membership and growth in our PTA, ensures that your voice is heard on issues affecting young people as well as providing opportunities for parent education, communication and leadership development.

PTA Welcomes You

Dear Portola Springs Families,

On behalf of the entire Portola Springs PTA Executive Board, I am happy to welcome you to the 3rd year at our beautiful campus. We are looking forward to a fun and memorable year ahead for our students and families. Come join us as we continue to build the Portola Springs Elementary community. I am excited about the school year ahead of us, and the experiences we will create for our children. We are hoping and planning for valuable additions, and lasting contributions to our campus, and our students' experiences. I invite and encourage you all to join the PTA, volunteer, become members, let your voice be heard, and have a presence at our school and within our community.

I wanted to take this opportunity to extend my warm wishes to you, your children and your families, as we all come together and begin a new school year! The Portola Springs PTA is a living example of our community. As our neighborhood grows, so does our PTA. Together, we all establish pride in our school, and create a legacy of support for our teachers and Principal Bricker.  We begin and carry on traditions that our children will remember and repeat year over year within our community. This community, legacy, and these traditions will all allow our families to continue to thrive.  In this day of competitive education and global economics, the foundation we provide our children is perhaps the most important gift we can give them. I present to you the opportunity to join me and the PTA Board as we partner with Principal Bricker and her staff to shape the Portola Springs Elementary School community.

Please, join our PTA, volunteer at our events, and be a part of the Portola Springs community.  I am honored and humbled  to be part of the Portola Springs PTA, and to serve as your President for a second year. I am proud to continue this work and establish the open, caring, supportive and thriving community we all desire at our state of the art school.

I wish you and your family a successful school year and look forward to meeting and getting to know each of you.

Welcome to the Grizzly Family!

Marjaneh Iida
President, Portola Springs PTA