Dear Committee Leads,

Thank you for your commitment to our teachers, students, and school.  Leading a committee within the PTA can be very rewarding and fun.  While learning at school is the #1 priority, many cherished memories from school and childhood are from being part of the many programs provided by the PTA - so the time and effort you put into making PTA events a success will be treasured by our children forever!

Below are guidelines we have compiled to help make your job easier and also ensure consistency across all committee communications and activities.  If you have any questions at any time, please contact the VP of Volunteers at or the PTA President at for assistance.



Sandra Losito, VP of Volunteers

"I always wondered why somebody doesn't do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody." ~Lily Tomlin


  • Please send all proposed school-wide communications (draft emails, flyers, and letters) to the PTA President for review.  If desired, the communication can be sent out to Room Parents to disseminate, included in the next PTA email newsletter, and/or posted on Facebook/Instagram - more details below on distribution.
  • After President's approval, if it is a letter/flyer to go home, please provide Gina Favaro at the Front Office with a copy of the flyer/letter for her records and obtain her approval.
  • After Gina’s approval, make copies for all teacher boxes if the communication is being sent home in Thursday folders.  Please include a few extra copies for each classroom.  Additionally, please place some extra copies at the PTA Table in the Front Office for parents. 
  • Please forward an electronic copy of all finalized school-wide letters, flyers, and emails to the following individuals:
    • Room Parent Coordinator to include in regular room parent updates
    • President to include in newsletters, Facebook, and website
    • Yearbook Committee Lead so they can notify appropriate parent photographers of upcoming events
    • VP of Volunteers to be included in PTA meeting committee updates
  • There are times that you will need to coordinate with other committees and/or request assistance from other committees.  You can find contact info for other committee leads at the bottom of this page under the "Help" section.  Please use the following information to guide you in those communications:
    • For all cross-committee requests and communications, please copy the PTA President and VP of Volunteers
    • Please be aware that the following committees are available and in place to assist other committees as needed and requested:
      • Hospitality Committee - can assist in coordinating and serving snacks, refreshments, baked goods, popcorn, etc...
      • Student Council - can assist with student volunteers to help run events.  Please coordinate with Student Council Liaison.
      • Business Partnerships - can assist in obtaining donations of products or gift cards from local businesses; can also assist in obtaining partnerships/sponsorships.
      • Room Parent Coordinator - can assist in reminding parents of events/activities via room parent communications

Budget and Vendor Insurance


Most committees have a budget allocated each year for their activities.  If you are unsure what your committee's budget is or what it is intended to be used for, please discuss with the VP of Volunteers for guidance.  When planning out the expenses for your committee, please use the following guidelines:

  • Plan out all aspects of your event/activity to determine what expenses you might encounter.  Before planning to purchase items, work with our Parent Local Business Liaison volunteer to see if your needs could be met via community donations, partnerships, or sponsorship.
  • Provide an outline of expected expenses to the President before each activity for approval.  If you expect to go over your budget for any reason, you must get approval first before proceeding.
  • To be reimbursed for expenses, please submit the following completed form along with all appropriate receipts.  You will be reimbursed via check promptly.


  • PTA is required to adhere to the IUSD Insurance Requirements for vendors. Please click here for details on IUSD insurance requirements. 

Scheduling of Activities

  • Review proposed dates with President for approval to ensure no conflicts with other PTA or school activities.
  • Most activities requiring school presence will need to be scheduled on days that a custodian is available.  The custodian schedule for the 2015-2016 school year is Mondays to Fridays from 6:30am to 9:30pm.
  • Submit proposed date request to Gina for approval to be included on school-wide calendar.

Using School Resources

The school has many resources that they are gracious enough to share with the PTA, including tables, chairs, PA systems, etc...  If you are unsure if the school has the resources you need or if the resource can be used by the PTA, review your needs first with the VP of Volunteers or the President for guidance.  To submit a request for resources:

  • Send email request our head custodian, Celso Gutierrez-Cueva  at
  • As the date gets closer, you can either email Celso to get final confirmation or speak with him in person on campus.
  • Please use ONLY BLUE TAPE to put up posters/flyers on campus.  No other means of adhesive is to be used.  Ropes/strings can be used to tie posters on the school fence. 

Using PTA Resources

PTA has resources that can be used from events.  Most resources can be found in the dedicated PTA cabinets in the Teacher Workroom. If you are unsure of where the supplies are or what is available, please contact the VP of Volunteers for assistance.

Upon completion of your event, please complete a MANDATORY Committee Report to the PTA. Please click here for committee report form.

Copying Flyers/Letters & Distributing to Teachers

The school copiers can be used for PTA purposes.  Please remember the following recommendations:

  • Before making any copies, request Gina to review and approve.  Provide Gina a copy for her files and place additional copies of flyer/letter in the PTA Flyer File box in the back of the office.
  • Always use the PTA code so the costs and usage can be allocated appropriately; the VP of Volunteers or Gina can provide you that code if you do not have it.
  • There is a list of all classrooms and classroom sizes above the main copy machine.  Always make 2-3 extra copies for each classroom.
  • If copies should be distributed in class to go home with students, complete appropriate number of copies for each classroom, then place in the teachers' individual mailboxes at the back of the staff break room.
  • Due to the size of our school, always be conscientious with the amount of paper being used, including:
    • Send flyer/letter home electronically via Room Parents or via PTA email blast if at all possible
    • Use front and back for multi-page flyers/letters
    • Create 1/2 page flyers and cut in half after printing
    • Use black and white copies only.